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A little about me

Having been brought up in Nelson, NZ, after 40 years, I am delighted to be back living here again and, more importantly, being part of the artistic community that is thriving in the region.

I was interested in sewing from a young age and progressed through dressmaking, quilting (I have a stash of fabrics to use up!), and onto mixed media art - mono-printing on textiles and paper collaging and using textures on canvas. I enjoy changing the look of fabrics with discharge dyeing or using resists to alter the surface and then using hand stitching to enhance the lines and forms. Using my sewing machine to do free-motion embroidery is also something that I use on monoprints to create an image, which I find very satisfying.


I am mainly self-taught but have learned from other artists along the way. My textile art journey started when I lived on the West Coast and belonged to the Way Out West Textile Art Group. We set challenges each month for ourselves, and it kick-started my journey from quilter to artist. I attended a five-day workshop with collage artist Joan Schultz from San Francisco and learned new techniques that I have developed and incorporated into my work.

As a member of a collective art gallery, Wall to Wall Art in Nelson, I enjoy the involvement with other artists, which gives me inspiration and motivation, and a connection to the general public.

In my current role as Exhibitions Officer for the Nelson Suter Art Society, I am immersed even more into the artistic community in Nelson and learning a  great deal about critiquing and curation of artworks. Art Group Nelson is also a wonderful group of multi-talented artists to share inspiration with regularly.


Teaching techniques have become a newfound love of mine – running classes for up to 12 participants on mono-printing, exploring background techniques (rust dyeing, using resists and discharge dyeing), and creating collage elements utilising a multitude of mediums.


Exhibiting in the Nelson, Christchurch, and Dunedin Art Shows and local exhibitions run by Wall to Wall Art Gallery, the Nelson Suter Art Society, and Art Group Nelson gives me an excellent opportunity to engage with the public about my art processes.  I particularly enjoy the feedback I receive and the exchange of ideas.

I hope you enjoy looking through my Artist Portfolio.